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Four Techniques of Heat-Treatment
Date: 2017/3/22 22:15:34
   China Fore is a high-tech enterprises specialized in Air Tools and Gears, with the collection of research, production, distribution and service. Our company has established long-term cooperation with world-renowned companies such as BOSCH, Siemens, MAKITA, DEWALT, TTI, HITACHI, METABO, MTD, KRESS etc.. Our products range from bevel gears, helical gears, shaft gears, gear box, powder metallurgic products, as well as air tools. Among all the processing procedures, the heat treatment is of the great importance. The four techniques, namely, annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering are applied wildly to our products such as small-module gears, cylindrical gears, shaft gears, high precision high strength and high density powder metallurgic parts, gearbox and pneumatic tools.
    Annealing is a heat treatment technique that heats the workpiece to a certain temperature and then cools at an appropriate speed after holding for a period of time. China Fore adopts this heat treatment technique in the raw material to prevent deformation and cracking of the workpieces due to the inhomogeneous structure and residual stress. Annealing is applicable for medium and high carbon steels, such as 40Cr and 42CrMo, which are the two common raw material of products such as precision mechanical parts, bevel gears, pneumatic tools whose customers includes Bosch, Hitachi, Baltur, KEYANG, TTI, etc..
    This technique not only can eliminate the internal stress, but also can eliminate the overheated coarse-grained structures and widmanstatten structure, achieving the effect of well-distributed carbide and the grain-refining. The process of normalizing is similar to annealing. The difference is that the normalizing is characterized by air-cooling, and the cooling speed is faster than annealing. Normalizing is applicable for low carbon steels, such as 20CrMnTi and 20CrMo, which are the popular normalized low-carbon steels that are quite common adopted in China Fore as the raw material for spiral bevel gears, cylindrical gears, shaft gears and pneumatic tools. China Fore is the mark of trust for consumers because of our exacting standards and our rigorous inspection requirements, we ensure our high product passing rate with the introduction of Germany SPECTRO material spectrum analyzer, Carl Zeiss inverted microscope and a series of materials testing equipment, as well as the introduction of the national GB / T13320.
   Tempering is heat treatments process that reheates the quenched workpiece below the critical temperature and cools in the medium after holding for a period of time. The important workpieces such as small modulus spiral bevel gears, cylindrical gears, shaft gears, pneumatic tools and gearbox that require high comprehensive mechanical behavior, must be tempered to reduce or eliminate the quenching stress, which will improve structure stability. Tempering also can reduce the hardness and strength of the workpieces, which can improve ductility and toughness of our products for maximum service life. Meanwhile, China Fore actively introduce IT technology, intelligentizing the equipment of heat treatment and testing machines, which in turn makes the control of carburizing and quenching parameters, tempering temperature more accurate.
    Quenching is a type of heat treatment technique that cools a workpiece rapidly to obtain certain properties. The process is to heat the metal above the critical temperature, after maintaining a period of time then immediately immersed in quenching media (brine, water, mineral oil) with the purpose to get martensite or lower bainite structures. With equipping one of the most advanced heat treatment equipments, the continuous production line of controllable atmosphere  multi-function furnace and the introduction TS14969, China Fore has won the recognition from many well-known enterprises from different countries such as European countries, Japan, the United States. High frequency quenching is a rapid quenching method of heat treatment usually adopted to the surface of the mechanical parts, mainly including Fore’s small modulus gear with the purpose to obtain fine cryptocrystalline martensite, resulting in low brittleness and high fatigue. In a positive response to the 12th Five-Year Plan, the national call of the energy-saving and emission reduction, energy-saving, China Fore introduces the High frequency quenching equipments, which satisfies the technical requirements for bevel gears, cylindrical gears and shaft gear, improving the quality of our products. The application of Carburizing quenching technique is more wide in China Fore. Carburizing before quenching can increase the surface carbon content and form a carbon concentration gradient, which can ensure the good mechanical properties. With the stability and reliability of the heat treatment facilities and testing machines, China Fore can ensure 100% ex-factory pass rate of its products such as small modulus spiral bevel gears, cylindrical gears, shaft gears, pneumatic tools, gear boxes, powder metallurgic parts.
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